INTERVIEW: James Dalton, Group Head of Engagement & Health


Q1 -One example of what you have developed which you think others could adopt as Best practice
Integrate the real understanding of the core source of employee engagement (psychology and neuroscience) into leader development programmes – an understanding of the psychology of employee engagement rather than a transactional activity. If leaders understand the impact of their behaviour on colleagues then they are far more willing to change the way they manage others, especially when linked to personal emotions.

Q2 – One example of the tangible business value delivered by your programme
Growing levels of engagement and empowerment across our business which has led to measurable impacts in performance metrics; absence, productivity, retention and safety performance.

Q3 – One example of how the programme improved the lives of employees
It may be an obvious impact, but where we have improved EE in specific locations, it has impacted the level of turnover in that location. People want to stay working for us and really enjoy their jobs, are committed to their team mates and are treated well by their manager. There can be no better measure than colleagues enjoying what they do each day, and this gets passed onto our customers.

Q4 – One example of what you did to get the Board to see EE as a strategic investment
Linking engagement to absolute business KPIs, not just people metrics. Leaders need to see how employee engagement links to an improvement in all business metrics, and when discussing with particular board members is to link to their area, i.e. safety metrics with the Safety Director, make it applicable to them! We developed a tool to show the links from improved engagement to business performance with a financial impact on the bottom line.


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