INTERVIEW: Shobhan Gajjar Country Manager of emplo and former CEO of TotalJobs


Why are you so passionate about Employee Engagement?

It can be summed up as happy people = happy customers = profit growth.  Increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction and lower staff turnover enable organisations to win in the marketplace and deliver higher than average profit. I believe in cultivating a strong culture where people are recognised for their contribution and are given development opportunities. This approach improves retention and also makes the company more attractive to new employees.

How can Employee Engagement Tech help enhance a business?

Technology is an enabler and there are many SaaS providers offering communication and collaboration tools.  Some include other functionality such as planning of events, surveys and questionnaires, individual development plans and 360 degree feedback.  Easy to use mobile apps allow you to connect even when away from the office and thanks to Cloud technology these tools are now affordable for SME’s

One example of the tangible business value delivered by your platform

emplo significantly reduces internal email traffic which in turn enhances communication and improves productivity. One of our customers, Smart MBC managed to decrease internal emails by 97% thanks to emplo. Through its newsfeed emplo keeps the entire organisation up to speed with company news and information that will help them perform better.  It allows people to communicate one on one or in groups, provide instant feedback, and organise documents and employee information all in one place. You can organise events and even conduct surveys via the in-built survey tool.  Engaged organisations deliver higher levels of productivity and profitability. A McKinsey study concluded that use of social technologies can improve productivity by up to 25%.

One example of how the platform improved the lives of employees

People want a sense of purpose and an opportunity to contribute to the organisation.  We all spend a long time at work so it’s important to have purpose and development opportunities.  Recognition is key, as it motivates people to do more than is expected.  All of this has a knock on effect to one’s personal life as the two are inextricably linked – if people are happy at home they are more likely to be happy at work.

What would people need to do to get buy in from you a CEO to invest in Employee Engagement

I think the question is can you afford not to invest in Employee Engagement?  There isn’t a great deal of cost involved and the benefits far outweigh the investment – start with a simple survey to gauge how employees are feeling about the workplace.  You will learn a lot from this exercise and it will start the dialogue that is required to harness all the knowledge and experience that exists in the organisation.


emplo is a digital workplace tool that builds employee engagement by integrating social collaboration, employee development and performance management into one online platform.

It connects employees into an empowered community that encourages internal communication, knowledge sharing and retention, while streamlining processes to enhance company profitability.

The Kind people at Emplo are offering a 3 month free trail of their service you can sign up here.


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