by James Murphy – The EEA

One good thing to come from all the unexpected events in the world of politics this year for the was the content for some great political cartoons.

I was lucky enough to attend The Political Cartoon of The Year Awards last night curtesy of Ellwood Atfield, the communications and advocacy headhunter.

The evening was kicked off by Ben Atfield, before passing over the host for the evening, straight from Strictly Come Dancing, Ed Balls.


The very well deserved winner depicted the moment when Michael Gove stabbed Boris in the back by deciding to run for leader of the Tory part after the Brexit vote.


The winning artist was Peter Brookes Political cartoonist for @TheTimes

I would like to say congratulations to Peter and a massive thank you to Ellwood Atfield for the invite.

Our next event Employee Engagement Technology Debunked on Feb 09 will be held at The Ellwood Atfield Gallery, we hope to see you there.

All that is left for me to say is thanks for all of your support this year, have a great Christmas and I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2017.


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